About Christy

Christy has been writing, recording and performing as a guitarist and hired gun for more than 10 years. A soulful, rich and road worn blues voice teamed with searing guitar virtuosity.

The backdrops and rhythm guitar work in both his covers and original material contain glimpses of a fascination with harmony and melody which would be at home in jazz arrangements, and are lavish demonstration of his time-earned experience. Lyrically there is a resolute search for beauty in the commonplace, with occasional nods to the noir.

His sets display an absorbing array of raw electric guitar sounds, from 50's clean stratocasters to fuzz-infused British Blues. All with just 3 carefully selected pedals, 2 character-filled guitars, and 1 beast of a Tweed amp. With an unassuming honesty and depth of knowledge of modern and traditional blues, Christy performs with real backbone and a fearlessness which begs the question he is asked most often ... ‘where have you been?’


I've grown up surrounded by music, and at different times I've learned and enjoyed everything from swamp-blues to classical pieces. But throughout that time there has been the following great players, writers, and performers as a constant


BB King, SRV, Robert Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Albert King, Freddie King, Robert Cray, JJ Cale, Derek Trucks


Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Robben Ford, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Charlie Parker


Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, Eric Gales, Bluesbreakers, Robin Trower, Pink Floyd, RadioHead

Noteable Genii

Lalo Shiffrin, Enio Morricone, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Massive Attack, and many more ...

Latest Videos

Most of the videos here are either from my Instagram account, or they've been filmed by people at our gigs and uploaded to YouTube

Minor Blues '59 Princeton

You can't beat the magical combo of chimey tones from a clean strat, and the warmth of a tweed amp. This '59 amp evens smells great when it's warmed up!

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Little Wing Grovefest 2017

Outside stage at GroveFest 2017. Massive rig, and great sound thanks to Simon, Eden, and all the crew. Great to be able to crank the amp up!

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Crossroads Cream - first solo

My attempt at the first solo from Crossroads. I'm paying a 2003 Gibson 335 into a '59 Bassman on about 7. Pretty epic sound in the room : )

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How Blue Can You get BB King Cover

From The Grove Inn, Leeds. It was local legend Kieran O'Malley's 40th birthday, and he joined us on fiddle.

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'59 Princeton Natural break-up

My '59 Princeton, being pushed into compression by my 2003 Gibson 335. No pedals, just a full-on great tone. Not very forgiving though!

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Further on up the Road Bobby Bland

Aug 5th 2017. Great crowd, with Kieran O'Malley joining us on fiddle on his birthday

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Set List

This is a typical set list. We usually have guest players with us, and they usually perform a couple of their own tracks. The names of the tracks in the list below are all links to YouTube videos, usually of the original artist.

(BB King)
(John Mayer)
(Stevie Ray Vaughan)
(The Meters)
(Derek and the Dominos)
(Eric Clapton)
(Freddie King)
(Stevie Ray Vaughan)
(Howlin Wolf)
(Charles Brown)
(Stevie Ray Vaughan)
(Robert Johnson)
(Jimi Hendrix)
(Robert Johnson)
(Howlin Wolf)
(Townes Van Zandt)
(Fleetwood mac)
(The Doors)
(Jimi Hendrix)

Gigs and Dates


We play the second Thursday of every month at the Grove Inn, Back Row, Leeds.


Sat 26th May, Haworth Beer Festival, 9pm

Fri 24th Aug, Blues Bar, Harrogate.

Sun 26th Aug, Colne Blues Festival, 2pm - Duke of Lancaster

Sun 26th Aug, Colne Blues Festival, 7:30pm - Royal British Legion

Contact Me

Please use the following contact details for bookings or more information. I'm likely to receive it, and respond quickest, if you contact me via email.